Yahel Chirinian Born in Provence in Avignon, France. She studied art for way too long and traveled like others read books or dream. Finally settling in Goa, India is where she resides and creates. She has flirted with movies, fashion, architecture, photography, theater and contemporary dance.

"Love is being with friends, my dogs, worldly travels and a continuous passion to always create." She embraces everyone she meets who has a story to tell. She plays with reflections, epitomizes transparency, designs objects, creates sculptures and installation works, conceives ideas, choreographs energies, gives soul to spaces, and messes with everything printed.

Yahel combines East with West, Tribal and Urban, Sacral and Pop, Glamour and Brut. She conveys a message that could be defined "universal" through her art. Yahel believes that creation is not a profession, but a way of Life - a path towards Truth (Satya) and self-realization. She loves, feels, imagines, designs and continues her romance with contemporary culture and nomad vibrations.

Equally, she enjoys bagels in NY, Burgundy in Saint Germain des Pres, Casa Malaparte’s dream in Capri, sunsets in Rome, tchai on the ghat along the Ganges, admires the stars on an Indian night, overwhelmed by the perfume of a monsoon after the rains.

Yahel's work is deemed a creation of Avant Garde Glamour and Sparkling Contemporary Art.

Yahel Chirinian